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Constitution of the

Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Young Alumni Council

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Article I - Name and Purpose

Section 1
The name of this association is the Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Young Alumni Council, hereinafter referred to as the Young Alumni Council. It exists as an affinity group within the Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Alumni Association.

Section 2
The purposes of the Young Alumni Council shall be to foster and to cultivate the spirit of community among recent alumni of Lock Haven University; to unite that community into a vital force of influence, support, action, and giving through effective communication among members and with the University; and to perpetuate interest in and welfare of the University and the larger community of fellow alumni and friends.

Article II - Membership

Section 1.
All recent graduates of Lock Haven University are ipso facto members of the Young Alumni Council. Recent graduation is defined as alum who have earned a degree from Lock Haven University within ten years.

Section 2.
Any alum wishing to hold membership in the Young Alumni Council after ten years have passed since graduation may elect to do so. These two groups constitute the Regular Members of the Young Alumni Council.

Section 3.
Spouses, siblings, parents, students and other extended family members of the Regular Members are Associate Members of the Young Alumni Council. Associate Members are entitled to participate in all activities of the Young Alumni Council, but they are not entitled to vote or office in the organization.

Article III - Role and Responsibilities

Section 1.
The work of the Young Alumni Council is an integral part of the activities undertaken annually by the Alumni Association. The Young Alumni Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Alumni Association insofar as each group deems appropriate.

Section 2.
A staff member of the Alumni Affairs office shall serve as liason between the Board of Directors and the Alumni Affairs office. It shall be the role of this liason to share all pertinent and necessary information with each group and to coordinate the efforts of the same.

Article IV - Board of Directors

Section 1.
The Young Alumni Council shall appoint from its membership a corps of officers known as the Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the Board, whose task it is to efficiently operate the Young Alumni Council. The Board of Directors generally acts as a committee of the whole in all aspects of the activity of the Young Alumni Council.

Section 2.
The Board shall consist of not more than 15 and not less than 10 members of the Young Alumni Council.

Section 3.
Board members shall be selected by a majority of current Board members at any time. Careful consideration of all members of each graduating class must be made in order to select those alum who possess proven leadership and organizational abilities as well as a lifelong commitment to the future of Lock Haven University. Potential candidates may be found within the leadership of the Student Cooperative Council, the Haven League, athletic and club sports organizations and special interest organizations, not inclusive.

Section 4.
The officers of the board shall consist of a President, Vice President and Secretary. These officers shall be nominated by members of the board and elected annually during Homecoming weekend. Nominees must not be present to be elected but must accept their nomination prior to election.

Section 5.
The election of officers shall take place after careful consideration of all candidates has been made by all Board members. The method of election shall be by closed, written ballot. Ballots shall be distributed by a member of the

Section 6.
The term of office of all officers shall be a term of approximately one year commencing and ceasing with successive Homecoming weekends. The term limit for each member shall be no more than five complete terms for any given office.

Section 7.
In case an officer must leave his or her office for any reason whatsoever, the President shall appoint a person to that office. Appointments made in this manner must be approved by a simple majority of all members of the Board. All Board members must be contacted in order to cast their approval, disapproval or abstention of the appointment. In the case that the Presidency be vacant, the Vice President shall

Article V - Duties of the Officers

Section 1.
The President shall be the presiding officer generally empowered to execute mission and programs of the Young Alumni Council, working in close relationship with the Office of Alumni Affairs. The President shall have the power to create and appoint members to any ad-hoc committee that he or she deems appropriate with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors. Any member of the Young Alumni Council may serve as a member of any such committee.

Section 2.
The Vice President shall assist the President in all duties as appointed by the President and shall act in place of the President in his or her absence.

Section 3.
The Secretary shall keep the minutes and records of all meetings of the Young Alumni Council. The Recording Secretary shall cause all minutes to be distributed to the Board of Directors. The Recording Secretary is also responsible for maintaining a current contact list of all Board members. The staff and resources of the Office of Alumni Relations shall be utilized in fulfilling his or her responsibilities.

Section 4.
The Past-President shall assume his or her office by virtue of his or her having served as President of the Young Alumni Council during the previous year but does not have voting power on the Board of Directors. The Past-President shall serve as resource person to the President and to the Board of Directors.

Article VI - Amendments

This Constitution may be amended or revised by a two-thirds vote of all member of the Board.

Article VII - Adoption

This Constitution and shall become effective immediately upon its approval by a two-thirds vote of all those members of the seed group known as the Young Alumni Committee.

Draft June 26, 2000