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Young Alumni Council

1. Mission Statement:
To serve and to support recent graduates with programs and communications that are uniquely tailored to their own needs and perspective on Lock Haven University.

2. Vision Statement:
To build a dynamic and responsive alumni organization by establishing a shared sense of community among individuals whose ties to one another and to the University do not end with graduation.

3. Goals:
To promote our constituents' interests by voicing and advocating the needs of young alumni to the Board of Directors, the Alumni Association, University officials, University administrators, and current students.

To foster and sustain the active involvement of young alumni in the support of the Lock Haven University and the Alumni Association.

To capitalize on the time, energy, and talent of young alumni by shepherding the development of volunteers and future leaders in ways that deepen their commitment to the University and to prepare them for active roles in alumni affairs.

4. Objectives:
To continuously educate young alumni, current students, and the entire University community about our mission, objectives, and capabilities.

To continuously educate ourselves about our constituents' needs through on-going "customer knowledge" efforts.

To continuously manage and adapt to changes in technology in order to meet the needs of young alumni and to promote a sense of community.

To advance career development initiatives and to broaden career opportunities for young alumni through networking.

To foster young alumni programming in Lock Haven and other communities.

To promote Akeley Hall as a resource center and for young alumni.

To aid the University in its efforts to attract and to admit the best and brightest students from around the world.

To participate in development initiatives by acting as an advisor to University development groups.

To cultivate relationships with the Athletic Department and other athletic organizations where pertinent, feasible, and in accordance with our mission.