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Howdy everyone!

My summer is going quite well... I have had lots of time to take care of my apartment, vacation, take classes, and keep busy with Flint Enterprises. Here's a quick chronology with links and pictures.
 June 10 I went to a wedding where my friends, Christine Valente and John Sluzark, got hitched.
June 12
June 24

Since 1991 I have worked at Heritage Reservation, a large summer camp operated by Greater Pittsburgh Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Well... they got me to come work for them for a few weeks this year as well. This time around I worked at the Discovery Outpost, a high adventure camp where young men can experience shotgun shooting, tomahawk throwing, mountain biking, canoeing, climbing and rappeling, and blackpowder rife shooting.

Click here to see pictures and full details of all the cool stuff we did there.

June 26
July 14

Now this is the highlight of my summer! I took an aviation course at Lock Haven University where I'm working on my Masters in Education. This is a six credit graduate course including ground school where we learn everything necessary to become a private pilot, five hours of flight instruction, and a glider ride.

Click here to see LOTS of pictures and more about this course.

July 8 Since I'm a big fan of Drum and Bugle Corps (DCI) competitions, I went to my first show of the summer at the DCI Atlantic Championship in Philadelphia, PA. My brother plays contrabass for the Cadets drum and bugle corps. The Cadets have been named national and world champions a total of 17 times including 1998 when my brother and sister both toured with them. The Cadets are truly a sight to behold!

 July 9
There's nothing like two DCI shows in a row! I went to another show in Altoona today.

Future attractions

 July 11
August 10
My second class for the summer: Fundamentals of Educational Leadership with Dr. Bean at Lock Haven University.
July 29
July 31
A miniature vacation to Six Flags Ohio and the Great Lakes Science Museum in Cleveland, Ohio, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a DCI show in Canton, Ohio, and a DCI show in Pittsburgh, PA.
August 5 DCI Eastern Championships in Allentown, PA.
August 10
August 14
Another miniature vacation to Washington, D.C. for a the DCI World Championships, the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian musuems and other Washington, D.C. attractions.

 Late August
Almost time to go back to school! I'll probably spend these two weeks getting materials and lesson plans ready for the beginning of another school year. The school ordered a great deal of PASCO laboratory computer interfaces that I'll have to learn to use and write some labs for.