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Online Payment - Pay by Credit Card

We accept credit card orders through

It's fast, it's secure, it's free and... will give you a $5.00
account bonus just for signing up!

Priority Mail Shipping

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All orders shipped within 24 hours.

Easy two step process

Step 1. Registration

    • Follow this link for a $5.00 signup bonus!

Step 2. Log in to your account

    • Confirm your e-mail address and register a credit card
    • Click on the E-Mail Money tab to make your payment.
      • e-mail recipient:
      • amount: $15.00 per shirt plus shipping (see chart at left) unless you have a coupon code then enter appropriate amount.
      • note:
        • Quantity and size of shirt(s)
        • Your shipping address
        • Coupon code

We also accept payments through and Payment address for both is .

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