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Legal Stuff...

The t-shirt design known as the DrumCorps Shirt depicted in this web site is a parody of a well known advertisement campaign. In no way is Flint Enterprises connected in any way with any company that may be using this advertising scheme.

This t-shirt is in no way meant to compete with any company that this shirt parodies. Rather, it utilizes a familiar concept to enhance the humor of the design. This lies at the very heart of parody.

Chances are you do not find this shirt funny, nor do you even come close to understanding it if you have never witnessed a world-class drum and bugle corps at the height of its competitive plateau. If this is the case then please write to us and we will be more than happy to share with you a videotaped performance in which onfield judges position themselves in physically compromising positions in the midst of a drill.

Recognize that this t-shirt is purchased by a select audience of consumers who thrive on the activity that the shirt portrays and sees the design for its humor and not for its negative portrayal of any company whose advertising campaign it may bear a resemblance to. It does not attempt to threaten to destroy the strength and distinctiveness of their marks nor the positive connotations the marks previously produced in the minds of consumers.

The keystone of trademark infrigement law is that in order for a company to sucessfully pursue a claim against a parodist they must prove that the public would likely be confused that that parodist provides the good(s) and/or service(s) that the trademark holder provides. This is simply not the case! Finding a drum corps t-shirt consumer or observer who truly believes that Flint Enterprises provides the services that the trademark holder provides is foolish at best.

The design is not meant to defame or belittle any other company. It is also not meant as an assault or attack on any or all judges that are on field during a sanctioned drum and bugle corps competition. As a matter of fact, we appreciate the fact that judges attempt to position themselves in the midst of drill during competition in order to more equitably asses the performance of corps members. Bravo!

Be assured that all artwork on this site is absolutely original and is not a perfect portrayal of any other copyrighted works. All likenesses of similar objects and graphical designs have been altered to such an extent that they are not even close to copies of the original upon examination. We have in no way attempted to take a "shot" at any company.

Trust me... have a sense of humor and we will all get along!

All inquiries should be directed to Lawrence J. Flint, Owner, Flint Enterprises.

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