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DrumCorps Shirt FAQ

Who came up with the idea to make this shirt?

Johnathan "Rainman" Lewis, who marched with Spectrum Drum and Bugle Corps from 1995 -1999 as a mellophone player and is marching with the Cadets during the 2000 season, sprouted this idea in November of 1999. He is known for his wit and humor and often comes up with these crazy ideas quite often.

Whose glove did you use on the shirt?

The glove that appears on the shirt was worn by Ian Flint (Contra) of the Cadets of Bergen County at the DCI World Championship Finals competition in August 1998 at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida. The Cadets of Bergen County won their seventh title as World Champions at that show and Ian kept the glove as a memento. Ian marched with Spectrum from 1996 - 97 and with the Cadets from 1998 - 2000.

We took the glove and ironed it until it was flat as possible and then scanned it into Photoshop where we cleaned it up and put it against that wonderful blue background.

What brand is the tape recorder on the shirt?

We can't really say what brand it is. We used our crafty computer skills to blank out the name and any identifying marks. We are told, however, that this model of tape recorder is the favorite of most Drum Corps judges because it has a built in alarm that signals when they are about to be whacked by a contra player during a scatter drill.

Is this shirt of the highest quality?

Absolutely. You can rest assured that these shirts are printed on a very high quality 100% cotton shirt (Hanes Beefy-T) and will hold up to event the harshest conditions experienced by corps members during Spring Training. Members of many drum and bugle corps have already chosen these shirts to take with them on tour during the 2000 season.

These shirts were deemed "Year 2000" compliant by an independent authority on millennium readiness and have withstood many nasty Y2K bugs so far.