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An Interview With Calvin Kline

Calvin, you have had the opportunity to work with clothing your entire life. Can you provide for us your estimate as to the quality of styling and construction of this piece of apparel?

Yes. This is by far the most outstanding Drum Corps related piece of apparel. It comes from the fine textile artisans of Pennsylvania and is of the highest quality.

I think that this is the finest showing that Flint Enterprises has had to date and you should see this shirt at fine clothiers for years to come.

The related MarchingBand shirt is also a hit among the high school and college crowd. Even though they may not belong to a drum and bugle corps, they still enjoy running over judges as much as seasoned corps members do.

Can you give us your interpretation as to the meaning of this shirt?

The front of the shirt sports the sleek and very refined "DrumCorps" logo on the left chest. It is printed with yellow, red and black ink using a high-tech screen printing technology. Very sheik.

The back of the shirt features the logo shown on the front page of the Flint Enterprises web site. The logo eludes to the fact that gloves are inexpensive and are able to be purchased using money. It clearly demonstrate that shoes worn by Drum Corps members are also able to be acquired at a retail outlet. Thirdly, it recognizes the fact that it costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000 to tour with a corps.

Next, it proudly exudes that running over a judge on the field during competition (known as "hitting" to corps members) is an event that is relished by many corps members. Some corps members, even those of World Champion distinction, have eluded to the fact that they actually derive pleasure from this form of physical contact despite the fact that it can completely mess up their drill.

It is crucial to recognize that the intrinsic value of "hitting" goes far beyond the reach of any monetary sum and is certainly beyond the realm of any fund raising effort. I think that this shirt truly captures the spirit of Drum and Bugle Corps competition from a new angle. Bravo.

How do you think the public will respond to this masterpiece?

I predict that this will be the biggest craze since the Beatles came to America and performed live on the Ed Sullivan show.

Thank you.

It was my pleasure!