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About Flint Enterprises

Flint Enterprises prides itself as a customer-oriented organization that is committed to providing the finest in products to a growing number of e-commerce shoppers. The products that are directly sold on this web site are commissioned by and produced exclusively for Flint Enterprises. They are intended to be sold at retail price. Any company who wishes to either purchase the rights to or resell the products contained in this site should contact the owner.

We also provide web page design services on a freelance basis and we also specialize in the creation of wedding and educational web sites.

The DrumCorps shirt concept can be custom tailored to meet your drum corps or marching band's fundraising or everyday wear needs. Contact us about ordering a custom shirt at volume discount.

Direct sales are made through this web site and auction-based sales are conducted through eBay. All internet sales policies can be found by clicking here.

Flint Enterprises was established in 1999 to conduct retail sales, sell collectibles on consignment and to provide educational consulting. This organization is a sole proprietorship and operates its business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

You can contact Flint Enterprises at